Current Resident Review

- Barbara Goodrich
I have been a resident of Central Park Apts for the past 2 years and just signed my 3rd lease. Since ZRS took over management of the property, I have seen nothing but a pro-active approach to improving the the lifestyle of the community. I was impressed when the 1st thing they did was trim back the huge oak trees in anticipation of the damage they can cause during a hurricane. This made me feel so much safer.
I was reluctant to accept the renovations & upgrades they OFFERED to do to my apt, but now I am so glad I did!
And I can't say enough about Rachael Coimbre, Assistant Manager. I have never experienced a more responsive, caring and Professional Property Manager - EVER!
Rachael, you are the BEST! Thank you for all you do to make living at Central Park Apts a place I am proud to call Home!